My Peace story #1 Becoming an activist… First step: join a discussion group

Invited a discussion group by the senior at university

My goal was studying hard, getting a scholarship.
My goal was studying hard, getting a scholarship.

When I go to the university student, I didn’t think joining any group.. My goal was studying hard, getting a scholarship and graduating asap.. However, I was invited a discussion group by the senior who I met at the senior-junior meeting. So.. I went there.. The discussion group is mainly discussing about women’s issue. I’ve experienced various issue before 20.. but there are a lot more than I expected.. So complicated world! It was just my first year..

Knocking on the door of feminists’ world

Through the group, I was also invited to take part in the feminism festival in university festival. There were various people from different major for the festival TF team. Philosophy, International trade, Social work, IT, Law, Statistics.. We set the subject of the festival as Women’s Body. We discussed a lot every day and night.. sometimes we fought, but we worked together after apology. (of course!! :p ) We were making zine for the festival. The zine…It was so hard for me writing… My script was revised 10 times, I guess.. We were planing the events for 3days(movie night, FAQ zone for misconception of our body, Stop excessive diet etc.) and the last day performance!! It was almost two months from the first meeting to the end of festival. During the festival, I rarely slept.. However I learned three things.. First, Working together was very good but not easy, though. Second, Planning was very attractive because I felt a sense of accomplishment! It was just an idea in my mind… but talking with people and planning how to bring the idea into the real world.. and doing it. Last but not least, I recognized the issue of the world especially women’s issue.
(I’m so sad… how come my hard disk was gone.. 😦  )

We can do together!
We can do together!

It was my first year at uni and entering the activist’s world. It took years that I decided to be a feminist. Shortly, after that my concern became expanded to minorities when I lived in Canada.. As time goes by now I am a peace activist.

My Peace story Preview #2 Connecting various groups of different issues

By peacenoodle

I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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