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Quote for activists #1

The Quote for activists #1

I got the quote from my Canadian friend.. Unfortunately, I forgot who said… I’m sorry

I’ve participated March and Walk for Human Right, Cancer, Breast Canser, AIDS, Women’s right, Peace etc since 2004. When I took part in TBTN; Take Back The Night in Toronto, I met her and she told me this quote and who said..(but I can’t remember…)

Marching around with a sign is one thing, but you must also try to live your life according to what the sign you hold says.

So true…!! Don’t you think so? If you are an activist.. or If you took a picket for something.. ( I hope the sign is good though … not hurting people, hating each other. 😦 )

By peacenoodle

I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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