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HWPL Cult, Korea Pop-cult

HWPL Cult,
Korea Pop-Cult

HWPL is “Happy World Pop-cult Love”.

Can you heard about HWPL Cult?

Today, I’d like to introduce a thing that Happy World Pop-cult Love.

Let’s put this topic’s acronym in HWPL.

cult hwplAll people want to be happy anytime, anywhere.
But many people usually can’t feel happy at their workplace.
Because many tasks and meetings make them hard and gloomy.
So how can you be happy at the workplace?
What is a thing that happily working people like?
Have you ever been thought about that?

Maybe I guess you’ve never thought about that.
This is a difficult thing. If you find what is HWPL, you can also find the answer how you can be happy at the workplace.
To find the answer, let me introduce people who working happily.
They just are Cult or Cult triple.

There are “Cult Three Musketeers” in South Korea.
Have you heard Pop-cult “the Cult Three Musketeers”?
I plumps for the Cult Three Musketeers the reason why singer group “Cult Three Musketeers” was so funny that many people and me nearly died laughing.
They are singers by trade, but they are comedians, too.
Cult Three Musketeers group consists of Chanwo Jeong, Taekyun Kim, Seonghan Jeong. Cult is comedians who really love comedy and their jobs. So they have made lots of efforts to come true their dream and to amuse people. Although one member of Cult left the team in 2002, they are still working individually with passion. Accordingly, Cult is loved by a lot of people for long time and works happily.

I think you must have a job that you love with passion in order to be happy work. I mean a thing that happy working people like is just their jobs they really want to do. So their jobs make them be happy at workplace!
Finally the last thing I would like to say is this.
“your job is not the means for your living but the means for your happiness. So you work a job that you can love.”

True happiness is available to all of us if we are willing to make the effort to find it. Go for it!

Let me leave the last watching to HWPL Peace video (^3^)

Do you want Peace?
I want Peace! We want Peace!

The pace in which HWPL has been working amazing.
Through them, the wind of peace is blowing.

By royhomerun

How can we abolish war? I want to come true the World of Love, Peace and Freedom. We are living in a global village and everyone in the world is our friend.

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