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Pope Francis’s peace walk from Cuba to US to make world peace.

Pope Francis’ peace walk from Cuba to US to make world peace.

World is surprised Pope francis’ peace walk!


Pope Francis arrived in US from Cuba on Tuesday afteroon with a message of reconclation fro the former Col War foes while avoiding controversy on the US trade embargo or human rights on the Commnist-run island.

Although He is 78 years old, he chose to go United States to help mediate the detente between Cuba and United States. President Obama escorted Francis as he saluted the crowd, the Vatican and U.S. flags fluttered from the cockpit as the plane where an honor guard, dignitaries, clerics and schoolchildren waited. A high school band had set the mood earlier with a rendition of Pharrell Williams’  Happy.

Pope Francis will visit to three cities in U.S. during six days. he will meet address Congress, speak at the United Nations in New York and take part in a Vatican conference on families in Philadelphia. He is expected to urge U.S to take better care of the environment and the poor and return to its founding ideals of religious liberty and open arms toward immigrants.

In Cuba, Francis basked in the adulation of Cubans grateful to him for brokering the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the U. S. and the communist island. The Pope is expected to raise the “normalization” process while in Washington, where Congress alone can lift the embargo long opposed by the Vatican.

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