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11 years old girl’s Diary became Nobel Peace Prize

There was a 13 years old girl who want education of girls. Her name is famous now; Malala.

Malala was born July 12th 1997 in India. She has been working as an Education and Human Rights Activist against non education of woman. The first was her diary on the Blog of BBC website. She spoke out the reality of education environment on her region where was occupied by  Taliban.  Malala, 11 years old girl’s blistering criticism concentrated big attention and her blog became documentary program of the New York Times. This program issued out  Women’s Education Discrimination all over the world.


She came to public attention in 2009 by writing a diary for BBC Urdu about life under Taliban militants who had taken control of the valley.

A Pakistani Taliban spokesman told the BBC they carried out the attack.

Ehsanullah Ehsan told BBC Urdu that they attacked her because she was anti-Taliban and secular, adding that she would not be spared. Malala-Yousafzai-peacenoodle-nobel-peace-prize-shot

Malala Yousafzai was travelling with at least one other girl when she was shot, but there are differing accounts of how events unfolded.

One report, citing local sources, says a bearded gunman stopped a car full of schoolgirls, and asked for Malala Yousafzai by name, before opening fire.

But a police official also told BBC Urdu that unidentified gunmen opened fire on the schoolgirls as they were about to board a van or bus.

She was hit in the head and, some reports say, in the neck area by a second bullet, but is now in hospital and is reportedly out of danger. Another girl who was with her at the time was also injured.

   – BBC News

Malala is still working for Woman and Child Education. Her pace for the Human Right and Peace is inspiring global society.

Why does she get a Nobel Peace Prize only she was 17 years old? Maybe Her environment was special. The point is she fight against fear of death for justice. Anybody can be the victim of War. Even no terror is on country now, every society has been suffered by conflict and haters between society members. Peace is not difficult. We can protect our children and family furthermore our society, country and world by loving peace.


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