Traditional Art of Maramures, Romania



Maramures, Romania

I love the Egg Craft. It’s one of my wishlist to learn someday. All country has their own traditional Art. It’s unique and beautiful. Romania isn’t the only country famous for Egg Craft, but everybody can sure its unique quality.


This intricate patterns were secret languages known only to residents of the regions where they were painted. But Whatever pattern has meaning on the cover of eggs, the result always looks beautiful.


Maramures Village is also famous for wooden architecture. Most impressive are the old traditional churches. All of them are completely constructed out of wood, some of them even date back to the 16th century and are protected by UNESCO.


A lot of these churches are still in use these days. Breb, the village where Babou Maramures is situated, has also a traditional old wooden church, one of the oldest, which is still used for religious practice.

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