A World of Peace

This is a dream that we weren’t able to see, in the few thousand years of humanity. It always was in our dreams and hope, but it was never seen until this last few months of hope. It is definitely an excitement that is incomparable to the excitement day before the new Apple model comes out or our favorite game. People wait outside the store in lines to be the first group of people to purchase and enjoy the moment they waited for. Well, mankind waited more years for this day to come. Then, where should we stand to wait in line?

I think the HWPL has provided a solution for that. This place, where they should visit to purchase and enjoy the first taste of peace is the WARP Office and the Inter-faith dialogues between the religious leaders of a particular community. It is like a store chain that aims to reach out to the world to serve more people. This is the aim of the WARP Office. As more offices are being established around the world, more dialogues are created between the leaders to reach religious harmony. I think that as we are able to create peace in our little community with just the right amount of enthusiasm, we would be experience the world of peace.

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