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[Unify] Peace in the Park, San Francisco Style

Peace in the Park, San Francisco Style


San Francisco has always been a place that emulates community in all of it’s splendor and color. The Golden Gate Park is a playground for all ages filled with art, gardens, nature, and wonder. Ground zero to the peace, love, and flower power ideals of the 60’s, this city continues to inspire, innovate, and celebrate life. The endless possibilities that life holds for us when we come together respectfully to honor each others differences while sharing our common humanity must be actively pursued and prioritized if we are to glimpse our fullest potential. These are some of the reasons why Peace in the Park Festival is one of the anchor events for World Peace Weekend September 19-21



Peace in the Park Volunteers

The progressive ideals of the city also make it home to some very innovative and impactful non-profits and social, humanitarian ventures. Many of these great organizations have come to support, and volunteer to make this great, free event possible. The cultural diversity of this region also allows for an awe-inspiring day of performances, revelry, and discovery. Yoga, conscious cuisine, children’s activities, and the globally synchronized meditation at 5 pm local time with satellite events around the world promises to make this a weekend to remember.

“Peace in the Park was first hosted in 2013 as one-time event by the Brahma Kumaris and their friends
from over 30 years in the Bay Area.After the astounding success, people want to see it become an annual
festival. The Brahma Kumaris teach meditation techniques to enter into a natural state of calm on a daily
basis enhancing our ability to think more deeply, and feel greater empathy and live out our values
in more authentic ways. bandovetinh Daily calm, clear thinking and value-based living can all positively
impact our career path , relationship and well being.”

Unify, Uplift, Be the Peace and many others are networking with hundreds of organizations around the world to make this years globally synchronized moment our biggest yet! Gaiafield and Global Coherence Initiative have created a virtual Global Care Room where you can connect online with others around the world on the day of the event.

Please take a moment to read A Moment Shared Around the World, the Collective Field and What is Subtle Activism to learn more about the globally synchronized meditation movement. If you find yourself in San Francisco September 19th, head on down to Golden Gate Park for Peace in the Park from 11:00 am t0 6:00 pm and be part of something beautiful! Global peace starts within individuals, and from there we bring it out into the world.



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