What is cause and effect of Syria’s war?


Do you Know about Syria’s war? If you know, do you  know also cause and effect of the war?

Syria situation influenced by democracy protests of the middle east was started in small protests. But concerning the opposition power, struggle history of Syria’s people have been maintained from Ḥāfiẓ al-Asad who had power in a military corp in 1971 to Bashar al-Assad who has had power since 2000. Minority Alawi Muslim consisting 12% of the population have maintained the military and secret police to prevent majority Sunni Muslim and keep their power. After death of Ḥāfiẓ al-Assad in 2001, at that time 34 years old Bashar al-Assad became a president and tried to make an open-door policy of reformation. But many organizations like Hezbollah, Islamic Front, Syrian government and Syrian anti-government competed in the country.

This time, Islamic country IS thought it was a good opportunity and started to work for establishing a country. IS became the most successful violence organization and repeated war crimes. Syria’s people were driven into a corner because of conflict between many organizations and finally over four million refugees outbroke.

UN have also not prepared to absorb large scale refugees. Rapidly refugee camp became so crowded and many refugees died by cold, lack of  food and medical problems. So what is an answer for solving this situation? As soon as possible, we should make peace. This is our mission and only way that everyone can be happy. We should smile together.

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