UN, Peace keepers

HWPL, Peace Completion!!

UN Peacekeeping Is …

What is the difference between war and peace?

United Nations Peacekeeping

Human Rights

Yes, and it is also the people who stand in the way of conflict United Nations Peacekeeping goes places others can’t or won’t go.

peace UN peacepeacepeace

United Nations,

We are 110,000 international Military, Police, civilian Peacekeepers.

We protect vulnerable civilians patrol and monitor cease fires, clear landmines and explosives support elections and democracy promote human rights for women men and children.

All this for less than 0.5% of global military spending UN peacekeeping is a unique global partnership empowering war-torn countries to build a lasting peace.

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By royhomerun

How can we abolish war? I want to come true the World of Love, Peace and Freedom. We are living in a global village and everyone in the world is our friend.

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