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[War of Syria] What can we earn from War?

A German bus driver has become famous after he made an impromptu speech to welcome a group of migrants to country at Aug 2015. It was hot days when Syrian Refugees were coming to Europe.

“Excuse me ladies and gentle men from all over the world on this bus, I want to say something.” driver Sven Latteyer announced in English to passengers on his number 286 bus in the Bavarian city of Eriangen.


syria_europe_refugee_2015_busdriver_germany ” I want to say welcome. Welcome to Germany. Welcome to my country. Have a nice day!”

An anonymous passenger said travelers  which included local as well as around 15  migrants “One of the young African guys wiped a tear from his eye.” This news spread out fast by SNS in Germany. German was in the middle of Syrian Refugees Issue.

After the 42-years-old Latteyer was identified, he told the media that he had decided to make the greeting as a show of support for the refugees arriving in Germany. Newscaster Claus Kleber appearing to be reduced to tears as he reported on the story.



“My brother-in-law doesn’t talk a lot about the years 1998 and 1999 when the war was raging in Kosovo. He’s trying to forget the horror.”


Latteyer explained that he was inspired by his grandfather who lost his arm in World War II, and his brother-in-law, who fled to Germany from the conflict in Kosovo.

Some areas have seen tensions between locals and Asylum seekers, with a surge in attacks on migrants’ accommodation being carried out by far-right groups across the country.




Who will get benefit from this War? But we can see easily so many people lost our most precious things of human being. Young generations lost their lives before blooming their dreams. Mothers are crying for death of her son. Even Peacekeepers suffer Veterans’ pain of war aftermath.


Do you know this picture? When Photographer took a picture for an child who lives in battle field area in Syria, this child asked life because he thought the camera was gun. What do you think from this picture? Who does have a right to remove his life even from 4-years old child?


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