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When I get a flu, my first step is Ginger Tea

It’s a winter and Christmas season now. I’m a weak at flu every this season. How about you? Right after I feel cold, I used to buy Ginger tea bottle and drink hot ginger tea until the end of my flu. Do you feel uncomfortable on you throat today? I strongly recommend you to try this.




Ginger has been used to relieve a sore throat and  flu. It warms up  body and cleans up blood. Even more it’s also useful for stomach trouble, vomit and nausea. If you has been suffered by chronic indigestion, everyday ginger water instead of your usual drinking water will help you to digest more easily and sooth your stomach trouble day by day.




Not only ginger tea, I prefer a Lemon mixed honey sweeten ginger tea. Lemon and Honey also strengthen my immunity when I struggle  with flu virus. Lemon is full of vitamin C, which can help reduce the duration and severity of symptoms of flu. Honey is speechless.



My Recipe


  • 2~3 fresh gingers (by size)

  • 1 oz 100% lemon juice

  • 1/2 cup honey

  • A glass bottle


  1. Peel out gingers and Cut off thin slice

  2. Fill  a glass bottle with sliced gingers, honey and lemon juice

  3.  Open the bottle 2~3 days after

  4. Boil over 1 mug of water

  5. Put hot water on a mug within 1 Ts Honey sweeten ginger with lemon



I hope you to all Peacenoodle friends happy merry Christ mas without any health problem. Bless you at this Christmas and New year season. With Love and Peace ♡



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