Free Peace World Peace

Why don’t you sign up for peaceful world?

I’ve choose to make this image, when I check which is image site. The impression of the image is that “Why don’t you download this image?, am I not cute enough?”. lol

So The impression helps me to make this image.. I just put the letter..

Why don’t you sign up for peaceful world?

Peace is essential for our lives..  even the country which is not in war.. the conflict could effect other countries.. We are living in a Global village!!


I know that the just one signature can’t change the world.. but the signatures gathered throughout Global world could make voice.

Let’s sign up for Peace!!

Let’s go to “”

By peacenoodle

I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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