HWPL, 2nd WARP Office in Makassar, Indonesia

HWPL, Peace Completion!!

WARP Peace Summit

WARP Summit information ☞

2nd Annual Commemoration, WARP Summit, Seoul Korea, September 18th 2016

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2nd HWPL Indonesia Makassar WARP Office

On February 26th 2016, the 2nd WARP Office meeting was successfully held in Makassar, Indonesia. The event was divided into two parts; the first part consisted of a pledge ceremony, during which the participating religious leaders promised to take seriously their responsibility in attending WARP Office meetings.

They all pledged this out of their sincere heart for attaining inter-religious understanding through the WARP Offices. The second part of the event provided religious leaders, representing six different religions, a time for heated discussions on “Do Religious People Need the Holy Scriptures?” All responses were made based on their respective religious scriptures.

peace1. Hasyim Aidia
Islam/Universitas Islam Negeri(UIN)
2. Ngakan Putu Oka
Hinduism/Indonesian Hindu Scientist Association (ICHI) Member
3. Erfan Sutono
Confucianism/MATAKIN Member
peace4. John Liku Ada
Cathoic/Diocese of Makassar…

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