Visit Korea – ☆ National Hangeul Museum

Introducing Hangeul’s creation history

I went to the National Hangeul Museum last month. There are another museum called the National Museum of Korea. But I was interested in Hangeul more.. so I went there first.

They provide “Exhibition Tours” in English on Wednesday 1:00 pm. & in Chinese on Thursday 1:00 pm. & in Japanese on Friday 1:00pm. It was Saturday when I visited, so I took the leaflet in English, Korean and Japanese. I wonder the translation so.. just in case.

I think the Hangeul is the greatest character in the whole World. Amazing!! the shapes and the sounds… You could notice from the creation of Hangeul.


Hangeul was created in 1443. (not a long time ago… compared to other old characters) Although Hangeul was invented approximately five hundred years ago, the principle behind its invention still remains competent from the perspective of the moder linguistics.
Hangeul is the first script that distinguishes the initial, middle and final sound of a syllable. In addition, it maintains a scientific principle in which the consonants and vowels that are similar in their pronunciations resemble one another in their shapes.
(I wonder how…? King Sejong could see..? X-ray was founded in 1895 but it was very far from Korea. hmm… interesting part..)
Hangeul is the alphabet that perfectly delivers the Korean language. Furthermore, for its creativeness and scientific value, it is highly esteemed by linguists all over the world.


If you have interest on Hangeul, you need to visit there! It’s easy to access.. take the subway #4 and take off at the Ichon station.. from the exit #2 there is long underground passage.. at the end of the passage, you can see the National museum of Korea. You need to walk more.. 🙂 You can see Hunminjeongeum Haeryebon, which is the explanation book of Hunminjeongeum and other historic exhibitions a lot.

The 2016 year has left almost 110 days… right? hmm..  I hope you have great year, months, weeks and days!! 🙂 Meaningful Lift!!

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