HWPL Introduction Peace World Peace

I Heard it! I Heard it! The sound of Peace resounds in my Soul from Seoul

I heard it! I heard it! The sound of peace resounds in my soul today from Seoul. Today marks the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit which has every peace lover at their feet in anticipation.

With the attention of every messenger of peace at the commemoration, the sounds of peace can be heard through everything that is living. The clouds have gathered around to join in the dance for peace and the birds have come to Seoul to hear the voices of many leaders of the world speak for the sake of peace.

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It is truly a special day don’t you think? The whole world has seen wars and the death of many individuals, but today is a day where we declare once again that peace is coming to reign over all the earth. No more should we see the death of young children and mothers waiting for their children to come back from war. Let it end today!

We must declare together “PEACE PEACE PEACE” and following we must now walk in the path of peace. Come partake in this event together with every other peace lover in all over the world. There is nothing greater than being part of a movement where peace is being shared freely for you, me, and all of the earth.

Feel free to join every peace lover around the world for the greatest peace event in the world!



By Angela Lee

Hello:) My name is Angela Lee.
I hope to communicate with you and work to Peace.

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