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The Bread of Peace

What is peace to you?

Peace is now! Some might read this and say, “no, where is the peace?

Peace not being here may seem logically correct, but in another perspective, something can become a reality when it starts. For example, when we plant a seed and water it that is the beginning of something amazing. It may seem like nothing is there, but little does an individual know that it is the beginning and the coming of a plant that is soon to rise through the soil. One can even say that the plant already exists because it only requires time now. Another example can be like a wind up clock. The winding of the clock is the beginning and start, but that is what makes the wind up clock move.

winding_clock HWPL.jpg

Just as the examples have been given, the windup clock for peace has been started since 2014 when HWPL hosted its first WARP Summit. Now is already the 2nd Commemoration of the WARP Peace Summit. As time moves forward, more and more annual commemorations will come and soon enough peace will become complete. Then we have to ask ourselves, will you partake in these peace events when it is still moving forward, or will you just wait to enjoy in the peace that is complete?

Let me tell you a story of the “The Little Red Hen.” The little red hen went around asking the cat, the dog, the duck, if they want to help make the bread. None of them said they want to. However when the hen had finally worked hard herself and had the finished bread, all of the animals wanted to have a piece, but she did not let them as they did not work as one to partake in its finished product.

little-red-hen-story-8 HWPL.jpg  little-red-hen-story-9 HWPL.jpg

So will we be like the hen or will we be the animals? Let’s all work together to create the bread of peace in joy and thankfulness. It is not too late to partake in this amazing work of peace!

By Angela Lee

Hello:) My name is Angela Lee.
I hope to communicate with you and work to Peace.

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