HWPL Introduction Peace World Peace

Please Sir, May I have some More?

I want peace that much more. Why? One says they want something more if they have first tasted it and I believe that many people were able to taste it this past weekend.

Oliver Twist says, “Please sir I want some more?” and do you know what the caretakers say? They say,  “MORE?!”

But like Oliver, it is not food that I want. I want more of peace! We have to ask ourselves, do we want more? Are we hungry for peace? Oliver had the courage to go up and ask for more when he knew they were only allowed one serving of food. We must learn from Oliver and ask for peace. We had a taste of peace, but if someone really tasted it and it was sweet to their mouth, they will ask for more.

Who then can we go to ask for more? We can go to HWPL and ask for more peace events like the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit. If the whole world asks for peace, then wouldn’t those who are working for peace work that much harder? Most definitely.

Let us never stay full of the peace we have inside of us, but hunger for peace and ask just like Oliver Twist, “Please HWPL, may I have some more?” HWPL will say, “WHY OF COURSE!” Stay hungry my friends~

By Angela Lee

Hello:) My name is Angela Lee.
I hope to communicate with you and work to Peace.

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