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Hangeul, Easily learned and Conveniently used!

Hangeul and Education for Peace

I’m writing about Hangeul secondly. As you read the title, I’m gonna talk about Hangeul’s prosperties about the convenience.

Hangeul brought many changes in the social and cultural levels of Joseon. For sure.. all people could read and write!! As common people of Joseon began to easily learn and use Hangeul, more people could receive and share information. Thereby, Hangeul was widely spread into the fields of education, religion, art and daily life.

This Hunminjeongeum iamge is From WARPSummit of HWPL in 2016 Opening Ceremony.

Korean Script; HunMinJeongEum means the proper sounds for the education of the people.
Hun 訓 – Teaching
Min 民 – The public, The people
Jeong 正 – Right
Eum 音 – Sound

Hangeul that has become the common written language since the late Joseon dynasty goes through another change in its transmission with the nineteenth century modernization. In the nineteenth century, the modernized printing technology promoted the mass production of newspapers, novels, etc.. Moreover, the mechanized transcription of Hangeul since the twentieth century has expanded the capacity of Hangeul from an alphabet to a resource for cultural enrichment of Korea.

I’ve seen Hangeul in various countries and various industries!! such as fashion, arts. I can say the gobalization of Hangeul!!! So Beyond its functional capacity as a means of communication, Hangeul, nowadays, is appreciated in various artistic genres for its aesthetic appeal and highly regarded as an alphabet that suits the digital age. 🙂

Lastly, I wanna put the image of Hanguel, Peace in Korean. 평화 from the entering ceremony of the 2nd commemoration of WARP Summit 2016.


The King Sejong with other scholars made Hangeul for the people. So people could receive education!! I think Education is very important for our better future especially for WorldPeace. 🙂

I hope there are many Peace educations have developed and many opportunities that receive them, which is #Peace Education. (This Peace education is related to DPCW Article 10; Spreading a culture of Peace. )

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I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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