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[Declaration of World Peace] If You miss the 5th commemoration of the event, you can watch it!

Did you miss the great event for world peace? You can watch the full event, the 5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace of Declaration of World Peace at the Youtube here!

If you didn’t know 525, you should mark the 25th of May on your calendar!

525, 25th of May is the day when the chairman of HWPL first delivered the Declaration of World Peace and many people walked for the World Peace in Seoul in 2013. The declaration isn’t just like other declarations for speaking out, but is sincerely for fulfilling the World Peace. And the peace works have been done a lot as he said he got the answer for achieving the World Peace. He said he wouldn’t start this peace work unless he had the solution.

So many peace activists have worked and received Nobel Peace prizes and the declarations for peace were delivered in various countries and groups for peace… but This Declaration of World Peace is totally different!

Let’s read the Declaration of the World Peace.. I attached the Image of the declaration from the HWPL website. & the Newsletter in slideshare site.

 Wow.. WordPress amazing function! You don’t need to click, move and read the article! just you can read the file here!! The Declaration is on the 2nd page of the newsletter. 🙂

As reading it, I realize I received amazing gift, “the life”, especially light, rain, and air provided unconditionally. And I really appreciate it and want to spread the truest teaching of heaven and peaceful mind to others. I wonder how you think about the declaration.


The declaration called for the four groups to do specific works for world peace.

First group: The heads of state of every country to sign an international agreement – a commitment to bring all wars to an end. (This international agreement is more specifically becoming “DPCW” which is declared on 14th of March, 2016. You can find out more about DPCW here: )

Second group: Youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by registering to the one and only International Peace Youth Group.

Third group: Everyone to work to further the cause of world peace and restoration, making it a reality in your direct environments.

Fourth group: Media to report responsibly and promote a message of peace to the world.

Which group are you fit in? For me, I am in the 4th group. So that’s why I am introducing this event and the declaration! I’ve read news about the wars and conflicts which are still happening now in various countries.. So many youth and children have been death because of conflicts. And somehow I felt powerless to stop wars and save children from the dangerous environment when I first faced the real world through volunteering. Now I am confident that I can do something for the world peace and the World peace will be achieved by the above four groups who do those things written in the declaration.

So please keep on eye on our site, and spread the peace article to your friends. I will bring the latest World Peace news to deliver the hope for our better future to you!


By peacenoodle

I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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