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[Intro of peacemovement] Boundary Peace Initiative hosts conference in Grand Forks

peace Movement_BCSIPC

The B.C. Southern Interior Peace Coalition (BCSIPC) met in Grand Forks on Oct. 27 with delegates, supporters and guests attending from Kelowna, Nelson, Castlegar, Grand Forks and Slocan. Delegates represented the Kootenay Region United Nations Association, (KRUNA), the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Working Groups (USCC), the Kelowna Peace Group, Kelowna KAIROS, Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) and the Boundary Peace Initiative (BPI) Grand Forks.

The Boundary Peace Initiative represents people of diverse backgrounds officially brought together in 2002 because of mutual concern for the rise in world conflict.

Their mandate is to participate in multilateral non-violent conflict resolution in support of global human rights, ecological and environmental sustainability and international law through education, sharing of information, dialogue and activism locally and globally.

The well-attended meeting received greetings from recently elected Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor and re-elected Councilor Christine Thompson. Responding to the greetings BCSIPC Coordinator said that BPI and BCSIPC looks forward to working with Mayor and Council to reinstate Grand Forks as a member of Mayors 4 Peace and maintain its status as a Nuclear Free Zone.

A message of greetings from NDP MP Richard Cannings (South Okanagan West Kootenay) was received with applause. Canning wrote: “To be among people who live and breathe the work of peace (oh yes, it is work) is uplifting, and I’m sorry to miss it. Your work matters. It is important work, even though at times I’m sure you feel you are banging your collective heads against a brick wall. Believe me, if people like yourselves did not work to advocate, educate and inform your community and your elected representatives, who would? You are passionate about the need for peace, and willing to do the hard work required for peace, and for that, I thank you. I thank you on behalf of myself, and on behalf of those who don’t know of you and your work.

The next conference of the coalition will take place in the West Kootenays in April 2019.




我们出生后理所应当接受的成长的原动力就是”爱”.用爱成长的人们的世界才是真正的和平世界。但是,为什么这个地球村在战争炮火中互相抱怨,连高贵的生命也成为了战争的工具, 是自己自愿的把自己置身于死亡的痛苦之中吗?

但那 仅是看到了外表的模样, 生活在这个时代的青春视乎没有了梦和理想 只是一味地追求眼前的快乐和财物。
内心和精神空虚, 人爱精神消失, 甚至处于危险之中。

青年不存在, 一个国家的民族也不存在。国家和民族的光就是青年。


日本帝国强占时期,,岛山安昌浩先生为了已被强占的国家创立了”兴士团”组织, 实行了独立运动的人才培育教育。其核心是超越思想和路线,团结成一体,实现国家的独立.

在目前这样分裂的韩半岛,超越民族,国家,种族,宗教 全世界成为一体,结束战争,成为一个宗教, 这个地球村将成为永远的和平世界,有着这样确切的正确答案的和平运动团体在活动。这就是”HWPL”。