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Mankind must put an end to WAR, or WAR will put an end to mankind. -John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy is the 35th president of the United States, born in 1917.. He was a veteran at the World War II.. I think this peace quote is truly from the person who go through the […]

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[peacequote] Peace – Einstein

  Peace is not maintained by force. It is only by understanding. – Einstein We need the culture of Peace, Understanding Each other.. How to understand each other?? It is the conversations! “WARP Office” is one of the efforts for achieving peace. The WARP Offices are spreading to the whole world. There are Online WARP […]

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Ivanka Trump evokes the importance of women’s involvement in peace

During the roundtable discussion with the Senate Foreign Relations on June 11 2019, Senior White House Advisor Ivanka Trump speaks about why more women should get involved in the process of making peace. The roundtable was joind by Republican Sens. Jim Risch and Shelley Moore Capito, Democratic Sens. Ben Cardin and Jeanne Shaheen and U.S. […]