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Farewell 2019..

There have been numerous peace activists and organizations in the world.. How was your 2019? Is the World Peace one of your 2020’s resolution? The first one would be the WorldPeace! I’m looking forward to various peace organizations’s achievements this year.

The United Nations

The first peace organization would be the United Nations, which is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. the UN will celebrate the 75th anniversary on the 30th of Jan. You can see various events here regards to the anniversary. #UN75

Global conversation.. What if…? Introduction video is on Youtube.. and It’s quite inspiring.

The International Day of Peace

and 2nd, there is the international Day of Peace which is the 21th of September! #Peaceday
*Minute of silence at 12 noon
*Peace education events
*Intercultural and interfaith dialogues
*Workshops on the UN Peace Day theme
*Meditation and prayer
*Planting peace poles
*Community gatherings
*Concerts and festivals
*Soccer/Football matches in the spirit of Peace
*Service to others
*Feasts for Peace
*Writing peace poetry
*Marches, parades and flag ceremonies
*Public programs with government officials
*Engaging youth in peace-building activities


HWPL stands for Heavenly Culture World Peace restoration of Light, which is the global peace organization. HWPL have worked so much in every part of our lives, as for the legislation, alliance of Religion, education, and raising awareness events.

The DPCW, Declaration of Peace and cessation of War, was proclaimed in 2016. And there were a global advocacy Campaing named “Legislate Peace”.

The Legislate Peace Campaign is a global peace advocacy campaign aiming to bring all wars to an end and spread a culture of peace by establishing a legal framework compatible with the DPCW. Civil society, women, and youth who unite as one to voice their right to peace and freedom from wars and conflicts continue to carry out substantial coordinated activities in actualization of the DPCW and urge those in leadership positions at community and national levels to take action. Some of these activities are as follows:

– Sign Your Support Projects: collecting signatures and letters of support
– Hosting peace walks
– Organizing advocacy conferences, forums, seminars, lectures
– Establishing peace monuments & museums
Through these various channels, under the Legislate Peace Campaign, citizens develop cooperative relationships with their respective communities, schools, and NGOs to build a global civil network of support and represent the positive demand for peace.


I’m looking forward to the various activities of those peace organization and achieving World Peace!! more than that.. I really hope the day we only use the “WAR and Conflicts” in the dictionary.


By peacenoodle

I've become an activist since 2005 in various groups and parts. :)
Human right, Feminism, Environment, Poverty, Minorities.. last but not least Peace!

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