Logo for peacenoodle
Logo for peacenoodle

Meaning: We can make Noodle of various ingredients, and Noodle dishes are in whole world~ So that’s why our name is Peacenoodle..

Our members are having various backgrounds, nationalities and ages. We are living in different countries of whole world~ We gather for Peace, World peace..!!!

As noodle dishes have different tastes, you could see various articles about Peace and taste(feel) them!!! :p


Site Norms

1.Respect each others

Asking for sharing good news to me as well – contact me!


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We do not publish, and will delete or censor comments that are:

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We do not discriminate based on the person who is posting, and we never censor comments for political or ideological reasons. We never publish an inappropriate comment because we agree with or support its viewpoint or ideology.

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