SI Women’s Film Festival, Things to come, review

Things to come (2016) review about activism

I was luck to have change to watch Seoul International Women’s Film festival in 2016. So, I checked my schedule and festival schedule. So I decided it, “Things to come”.

It was holiday in Korea, but there weren’t many people..


The subject is “Things to Come”.  French name is L’avenir, which means “Future”.

As you see the image of the festival, there was a wall to put the papers of your wishes. What would you wish if you write? I definitely write “World Peace”, “No War”, “No violence”..

I hope The world without war comes.. What do you think “things come”?

Things that many people work for would be coming..  right? or.. they are very slowly coming.. XD

The main actress is a philosophy teacher who have been in the anarchism or communism movement when she was younger.(I’m not sure which movement, the husband mentioned that she visited “Soviet Union”. So.. I just guess.)
Time goes by, she married, has two children and works as a teacher. She met her student called “Fabien” who is an writer and an activist for Anarchism? or Marxism?..

Interesting questions and conversations are in this movie. During the class, she and her students were asking about questioning the truth, science.. and During the conversation between people who live together with her student; Fabien, is it enough to sign up for something? just sign up doesn’t make the person an activist.. But.. the sign-up helps the movement or declaration..

Philosophy is difficult..

As an activist, the movie gave me lots of homework to think and solve.. 🙂 There are many many activists and movements in our world.. Everything is important. But the movement could say the Priority.. and Solutions..

I decide that I won’t stop working for Peace.. I want to have the idea as well as work for this idea to fulfill. 🙂 I know there are lots of things to do for world peace.

So.. After watching and talking with my lovely friends about the movie, I’ve read some reviews of it, which is in English.. (The movie is in French.)
Berlin Film Review: ‘Things to Come’

If you don’t like many things to think, please don’t watch.. but if you like thinking, I would recommend you watching it. There are lots of issues.. like our lives.

And I enjoyed the women’s film festival!! 🙂


See the world through women’s eyes!! / Women make great films!

🙂 Amazing!! hehe