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  Peace is not maintained by force. It is only by understanding. – Einstein We need the culture of Peace, Understanding Each other.. How to understand each other?? It is the conversations! “WARP Office” is one of the efforts for achieving peace. The WARP Offices are spreading to the whole world. There are Online WARP […]

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历史上的今天9月18日还发生过很多事,可知道今天发生什么事吗? 今天在韩国仁川亚洲运动场举行由HWPL主办的918万国会议。主题是成就这世界的和平。用DPCW10条38项终止战争的国际法。让我们人类真正的走上和平的时代。让我们看看精彩片段。 关心和平的您请收看直播,就现在。

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[Peace & War Story]Why Do We Need Peace?

[1st Peace & War Story] The Unwomanly Face of War – An Oral History of Women in World War II, written by Svetlana Alexievich We’ve seen and read many “war-themed” movies, books, and stories. Sometimes we are touched by the romantic love stories of the main characters or family love stories during wars. A man […]

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[Intro of peacemovement] HWPL brings peace message to Africa

Political and social representatives in Africa and Middle East were gathered to discuss international cooperation for peace building through a series of events held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia including the “Ethiopia Peace Conference” on August 15 with education experts and civil society, the “Addis Ababa Summit” with political leaders from Africa and the Middle East […]

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[Intro of peacemovement] Youth, teens walk for peace

Youth and teens in Indianapolis came together to fight violence on Aug 11. The WE LIVE peace walk on Saturday was the second annual Peace Walk. It was in honor of Dijon Anderson, their classmate at Warren Central High School, who was killed in a shooting last spring. His friends didn’t want him to die […]

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Important roles of Media and Media Literacy for the readers

Importance of Media for World Peace and Media Literacy for readers

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Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind.

Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind Why would we wish for people to lose everything, including their families, in a war that has no winners, only losers? This question made me think deeply about wars. Of course, we learn history and know that most of the wars normally end with a country […]

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International Law for Peace, Are you ready?

Chairman ManHeeLee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), Chairwoman NamHeeKim of IWPG (Internationl World Peace Group) and the Peace Delegation have dedicated their efforts to take world peace tours to urge the need of drafting and implementing an article in the international law for cessation of wars and world peace.

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义勇军进行曲是我国的国歌。其中在歌词中论道《起来,不愿做奴隶的人们… 等》。歌词中谈到我国人民饱受帝国主义的摧残,是让全国人民站起来战斗,不要再受到侵略的正能量意义。 525这一天也是很有意义的日子。525是上天差来的和平使者李万熙在首尔的和平公园呐喊“从今天开始世界将迈向和平”的日子。李万熙宣布525和平日已经经过了3周年了。在此期间,世界各国的总统及爱和平的人士已为这世界的和平付出了辛勤的努力。经过他们的努力,有的国家已经在局部上迈向和平。也在部分国家建立起了和平学校,学生们学习着和平的理念。为下一代不再有战争的世界打下了坚实的基础。 我们的世界已经经不起再多的战争,到了一发不可收拾的局面。随着武器强国的霸权,弱小国不得不圈在他的权力之下。最近在新闻中报道说,美国国家经济衰败,但此国看不惯我国和韩国日本,德国等国的经济增长,就定为汇率查看对象国,预计要求这些国家调整对美元的汇率,导致自国的经济滑坡迟缓。从而达到世界老大的野蛮行为。 点击看看这则新闻 和平不局限在停止战争。和平的含义意义深远,和平里也包括各个国家的平等相处。像美国这样的行为也不能不看做是扰乱和平的一项问题,这是正义,但不是谴责。所以我们要在和平使者李万熙的带领下、为迎来真正和平平等的国际环境而努力才行。世界人都要参加525和平日,并学习真正让世界和平的知识。请期待今年的525。