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Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind.

Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind


Why would we wish for people to lose everything, including their families, in a war that has no winners, only losers?

This question made me think deeply about wars.

Of course, we learn history and know that most of the wars normally end with a country taking over the other one. However, if we zoom into every person who suffered from wars, we face deaths, broken families, glooms, and etc. Also wars force young people to give up their dream jobs, love, and even their lives. These cannot be replaced by anything in the world.

We always need to acknowledge that we can be one of the people. When we hear news about wars happening lately, we should be paying attention carefully and make efforts personally too. Making a voice by personal SNS can be one of the efforts.

Let’s be aware of wars, and work for peace together for our future generation.

International Law for Peace, Are you ready?

International Law for Peace, Are you ready?

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 Chairman ManHeeLee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), Chairwoman NamHeeKim of IWPG (Internationl World Peace Group) and the Peace Delegation have dedicated their efforts to take world peace tours to urge the need of drafting and implementing an article in the international law for cessation of wars and world peace.

 During the tirps taken after WARP Summit 2014, they have continued to appeal to the world leaders to draft an article on convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and international armed conflicts. Most notably, Chairman Lee delivered a keynote speech on “The importance of a Peaceful Policy for the Unification of the Korean Peninsula’ at the co
nference commemorating the 25th anniversary for the fall of communism. He further addressed man_hee_lee_02the necessity of international collaboration to bring peaceful resolution to end armed conflicts at 2015 UN Peace Resolution.

 Continuing to creating the platform for all groups wanting peace, Chairman Lee reminded the participants the importance of drafting an article in the international law for peace at the 15th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (ICCJW) in Lucknow, India, Moreover, at the Inauguration ceremony of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) in Manila, Philippines, he emphasized the role of policy makers and law officials in establishing peace in their region and in the world. 


Having seen the sincerity in his powerful messages, many world leaders have become the members of HWPL’s Peace Ainternational_law_01dvisory Council, pledging to work for the proposal on convention on the cessation of wars and international armed conflicts to give their unsparing support in bring forth the permanent peace.

Chairman Lee and his delegation served as the bridge to connect among officials whose hearts for humanity and their pursuit of peace drive their actions for peace. The world is yet to see the results and performance of their greater collaborative efforts in seeking and implementing peaceful resolutions.


Bearing fruits of their endless efforts, at the 1st Annual Commemoration of international_law_02September 18th WARP Summit, HWPL aims to present the first draft of the convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and international armed conflicts, prepared by its Peace Advisory Council. Through presenting such convention, HWPL hopes to strengthen its awareness and discuss the way forward. The 1st annual commemorative event will make huge strides and bring the new wave of peace.



义勇军进行曲是我国的国歌。其中在歌词中论道《起来,不愿做奴隶的人们… 等》。歌词中谈到我国人民饱受帝国主义的摧残,是让全国人民站起来战斗,不要再受到侵略的正能量意义。

525世界人站起来的日子 (1)

525世界人站起来的日子 (3)

525世界人站起来的日子 (2)点击看看这则新闻











Religion. Hinduism

Religion. Hinduism

Hindius Hindus 2

Kali of Hinduism

Hindius Hindus

The Hindu deity Ganesha

Hinduism found most notably in India and Southern Asia. It is old religion and between 900 million and 1 billion people around the world belong to this faith. It stands behind Christianity and Islam as the most populous religion.

Hindus believe in the Vedas and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. Its text is known as Sanatana Dharma, “the eternal law” or the “eternal way”beyond human origin. The ancient scriptures of Hinduism are in Sanskrit. These texts are classified into two: Shruti and Smriti.

Hinduism has no founder or date of origin. Hinduism is not a homogeneous, organized system. Many Hindus are devoted followers of Shiva or Vishnu, whom they regard as the only true God, while others look inward to the divine Self (atman). But most recognize the existence of Brahman, the unifying principle and Supreme Reality behind all that is.

Hindu religious life might take the form of devotion to God or gods, the duties of family life, or concentrated meditation. Given all this diversity, it is important to take care when generalizing about “Hinduism” or “Hindu beliefs”.

Hindius Hindus 1

Hindu religion


  • Buddhism


Buddihism is a kind of philosophy and based on teachings attributed to Gautama Budda, commonly known as the Buddha. He was born as a Kshatriya, the son of Suddhodana. He have spent 29 years as a prince in Kapilavastu. Buddhist scriptures say that the future Buddha felt that material wealth was not life’s ultimate goal.

One day, Siddhartha left his palace to meet his subjects. Despite his father’s efforts to hide from his the sick, aged and suffering, Siddahartha was said to have seen an old man. When his charioteer channa explained to him that all people grew old, the prince went on further trips beyond the palace. He encountered a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. Through this event, He initially strove to overcome aging, sickness, and death by living the life of an ascetic.

When he reached the age 16 years, his father reputedly arranged his marriage to a cousin of the same age named Yasodhara.

The Ultimate goal is the attainment of the sublime state of Nirvana, achieved by practicing the Noble Eightfold path, thus escaping what is seen as a cycle of suffering and rebirth.

Crisis of Saudi-Iran, we need peace

Crisis of Saudi-Iran, we need peace


Do you hear the crisis between Saudi and Iran?

Saudi Arabia cut off diplomatic ties with Iran on Sunday after protesters ransacked and set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran over the execution of Shiite cleric Nimral-Nimr.

The reason of conflict is from religion. Islam Sunni-Shi’a.

The chance of conflict is death of Shi’a people of Saudi by Iran so that there are many conflict as revenge. finally, Saudi cut off the diplomatic ties only one day.

peace, war

According to report, many conflict come from difference of religion. why they have conflict? they learned to live good through their scripture but reality is different. it is our question of long standing.

As some people’s speech, I think we need to make one through comparison of scripture.

warp, crisis, religion, peace

In a sense, the World Alliance of Religious Peace Summit (WARP summit) hosted by HWPL(Heavenly culture, world peace, alliance of light) is meaningful.