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[peacequote] John F. Kennedy Peacequote

John F Kennedy peacequote

Mankind must put an end to WAR, or WAR will put an end to mankind.
-John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is the 35th president of the United States, born in 1917.. He was a veteran at the World War II..

I think this peace quote is truly from the person who go through the WAR…

horrible… wretched War indeed..

So No matter what the reason is, WAR shouldn’t be allowed!!

Oh.. this quote reminds me of DPCW.. I wanna introduce the Article 1 of DPCW


“Prohibition of the threat of use of force”

1. States should solemnly reaffirm that they refrain from the use of force in all circumstances, save where permitted by international law, and should condemn aggression as constituting an international crime.

2. States should refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of military force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations Charter or international law in general.

3. States should prohibit any act or threat of violence, whatever its motives or purposes, that occurs for the advancement of an individual or collective criminal agenda.

4. States should abstain from interference in the internal conflicts of other States.

[peacequote] Peace – Einstein


Peace is not maintained by force. It is only by understanding. – Einstein


We need the culture of Peace, Understanding Each other..

How to understand each other?? It is the conversations! “WARP Office” is one of the efforts for achieving peace. The WARP Offices are spreading to the whole world. There are Online WARP Office which you can watch online, “Youtube channel”.

I recommend subscribing it and watch these videos of the channel.

HWPL WARP Office Channel


HWPL-Peacewalk Event 525 in 2019


I’ll tell you about the 25th of May Peacewalk Event every year. 🙂


The May 25th (525) Peacewalk is an event to celebrate the Declaration of Peace announced by the HWPL Peace organization that is an international peace NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC and the UN DGC.
Since HWPL made the Declaration of World Peace in 2013, this year already marks 6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace.


Let’s learn about HWPL’s activities to achieve world peace from now on.

HWPL Peace Supporters

This year’s most notable activity!

<My peace letter>

HWPL sent a handwritten letter to to the heads of states and UN ambassadors in 193 countries asking them to support the peace law, which is DPCW!

Instead of asking for support for the vague law, I wrote a handwritten letter urging them to support the DPCW, a substantive law that would end the war and achieve world peace.

HWPL Peace Letter poster

There are currently no substantive laws in the United Nations that end the war.
On the contrary, in the great world, there are abuses of the law.

So HWPL, after considering and studying a substantial peace law to supplement the current law with the world’s Supreme Court justices, came up with a law called DPCW Article 10-38.


I’m currently sending letters to the head of states of each country urging them to support the law so that the Peace law could be put to the United Nations.

Under the current law, measures will be taken through DPCW 10-38, which includes measures to prevent, end, and even prevent war, breaking the law on peace that was not effective!

Reply to the Peaceletter

The HWPL is engaged in various activities to promote the peaceful world. One of the projects of HWPL I wanna share is a peace education.

Thanks to this, more and more countries are launching Peace Education with HWPL. (Cambodian Ministry of Education Launched Peace Education Committee in Cooperation with an International Peace NGO Cambodian ministry of education launched peace education committee)
CHED and HWPL Promote Spreading a Culture of Peace in the Philippines and Globe

I’m looking forward to how culture will change when our children, who will lead the future generations, realize the importance of peace through education.

the world for peace!! DPCW, Law for peace!!

We need your support.

(For Korean)
(For English)

Resolution for the War and Conflict_religion part

Even now, a lot of countries have suffered from war, and the more conflicts keep happening longer, the more people are sacrificed.

The main reason of War in the world is religion, about 80%.

So, the peace organization HWPL presents effective resolution. They’ve prepared a peace law called DPCW(Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) and are urging the UN to enact of an international law.

HWPL is trying to achieve world peace through legislation project, Social activities and Scripture Dialogues.

For this, they have established WARP Offices to talk about the Scriptures, and Online WARP Office Meeting through Youtube.

The recent subject was “Afterlife” and the livestreaming Youtube is available.

Chairman Lee who leads HWPL gives us the best way to establish peacebuilding

HWPL in 2018

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) is a peace NGO under the UN ECOSOC. HWPL journey of peacebuilding in 2018 evaluated results included many countries supported HWPL’s Peace movement and declared official support for the DPCW (the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War).

HWPL in Philippines


On February 8, in Philippine a grand peace festival entitled “We are one for Peace to attain Sustainable Development” will be held to launch nationwide peace movement throughout the country’s State Universities and Colleges.

This event is expected to have 30,000 participants including social representatives in the Philippines and international peace activists including the organizers – Volunteer Individuals for Peace (VIP) by Dr. Ronald Adamat, CHED’s Commissioner and Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL.


The highlight of this peace event is to give inspiration of citizen participation in peacebuilding. Cultural performances will represent harmony under peace beyond differences in ethnicity, religion or nationality. Also, the principles of peacebuilding will be introduced DPCW.

“We should think of how we can achieve peace. It should start by teaching peace to the youths,” emphasized Mr. Lee in his last visit to the Philippines. As a representative of HWPL, Mr. Lee, a Korean peace activist and Korean War veteran will visit in February to advocate global cooperation for peace building.

PeaceEducation & MOU with various countries during the WorldPeaceSummit in Korea

The world’s passion for peace is heating up due to the popularity of HWPL’s peace education. At the ‘Peace Education Development Forum for Global Advancement’ that was held during the 4th Annual Commemoration of the September 18th World Peace Summit, HWPL signed an MOU with the Ministries of Education of Sri Lanka, Colombia, Guatemala and Iraq. This clearly demonstrates the rapid spread of the culture of peace as stated in Article 10 of the DPCW.

The DPCW will be recognized as the true answer to peace and will be passed as a legally binding instrument. It tells us to achieve a world of peace is no longer a dream and to sign of the peace MOU with HWPL now is necessary.


artistic blossom bright clouds

Photo by Pixabay on

We should think of how we can achieve peace. It should start by teaching peace to the youths – Chairman Lee


我们出生后理所应当接受的成长的原动力就是”爱”.用爱成长的人们的世界才是真正的和平世界。但是,为什么这个地球村在战争炮火中互相抱怨,连高贵的生命也成为了战争的工具, 是自己自愿的把自己置身于死亡的痛苦之中吗?

但那 仅是看到了外表的模样, 生活在这个时代的青春视乎没有了梦和理想 只是一味地追求眼前的快乐和财物。
内心和精神空虚, 人爱精神消失, 甚至处于危险之中。

青年不存在, 一个国家的民族也不存在。国家和民族的光就是青年。


日本帝国强占时期,,岛山安昌浩先生为了已被强占的国家创立了”兴士团”组织, 实行了独立运动的人才培育教育。其核心是超越思想和路线,团结成一体,实现国家的独立.

在目前这样分裂的韩半岛,超越民族,国家,种族,宗教 全世界成为一体,结束战争,成为一个宗教, 这个地球村将成为永远的和平世界,有着这样确切的正确答案的和平运动团体在活动。这就是”HWPL”。



【和平教育】 发出HWPL 和平萌芽

Peace Seed



HWPL 的李代表是韩国战争的参战勇士,以青年时期经验了战争的残酷,比谁都了解战争在任何理由下都得从这个地球村消失,真正把没有战争的和平世界留给后代,作为永远的遗产的信念和解答提示给我们。从2014年起,至今为止第29次寻访了100多个海外国家,亲自见到现、前任总统、政治界人士、UN关系人、法律界人士、国际关联专家、宗教指导者、各国舆论、市民团体、亲年团体长、女性团体长,说这个地球村所有人都成为和平使者,共同创造和平,和平终定能实现,跟上界人物,定下了地球村战争终止和平光复(DPCW) 10条38项,正给UN上交中。



第十条 传播和平文化


We are One !!!!!