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[Intro of peacemovement] Youth, teens walk for peace


Youth and teens in Indianapolis came together to fight violence on Aug 11. The WE LIVE peace walk on Saturday was the second annual Peace Walk. It was in honor of Dijon Anderson, their classmate at Warren Central High School, who was killed in a shooting last spring. His friends didn’t want him to die in vain, so they started their anti-violence movement.

Brandon Warren who created to We LIVE said the walk is about raising awareness and showing that whether or not you are the shooter or the person being shot, both outcomes are tragic. “We want to persuade more teens to get involved and spread the word to other teens that they may be going down the wrong path and show them that there are other options.” Warren said.


The group walked about a mile from Washington Park to the juvenile center on the east side. That’s because they want to let the people there know that there are people who care about them. They prayed for the youth and the city, and families who have lost children and teens to gun violence.

Now We LIVE plans to expand to more cities, continue the annual Peace Walk and add other related events throughout the year.



Important roles of Media and Media Literacy for the readers


Important roles of Media and Media Literacy for the readers

The role of the media is to objectively report the news and inform its viewers without bias. And also the media can promote positive culture to the masses, the whole world. (from: “The portal used to aggregate more than 2500 news articles daily.” in only United Kingdom. than… how about the whole world? Let’s think about it.. So huge… this adjective is not enough to explain the earth.. whole world where we are living in.
In our world, media is very important. Because the media is so influential in our lives today. And not just news, but SNS or Youtube.. especially Video creators now.. there are so many influencers not even to their own countries but also other countries.. So Nowadays, we can feel “Global village”. When I volunteered at the international conference in 2006, one of the conference’s programs was the event section which was called Global village in a big convention hall. There were six parts(continents), which were Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania. So many activists and movements from Each continents showed what they were doing in their countries. In the convention hall, I could feel it truly was Global village!! But.. now, I don’t need to visit the event hall.. When I click the web, I could feel it, too. As a global villager and a media producer(writer), I want to say that the media is so important and I also have the ethic and standards of my media.. If you are a media producer, such as a Youtuber, blogger, SNS influencer, and etc., please do not forget that you can influence others for our better future and promote positive culture, such as peace culture.

If you are a reader, or subscriber, and etc., please read below.. and let’s talk about this.. “Media literacy.”

Before going to the subject, media literacy, have you ever heard about curation?
Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area. There are tons of news sites and website with infos in our world.. And they are all speaking out that “YOU Need to KNOW!” and “YOU Should Do This!”… So most people use RSS app or specific news site to know about what they are interested in. And some news sites have created the part with AI which is customized News Section. And the curation could be similar to framing.. but framing is in a bad ways to show the facts, which means that it could be a biased info.


How about you? Do you use your specific ways to find news related to your interest? Or do you just look through what the portal web-sites or the news sites show on the first page? And do you just believe it? “Oh! this news site shows that, so it’s true.” Or do you check whether it is true or not?
As a writer and also a reader, I think we need to have the media literacy. That’s why I first talked about the curation and framing.

Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to education. It provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate, create and participate with messages in a variety of forms — from print to video to the Internet. Media literacy builds an understanding of the role of media in society as well as essential skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary for citizens of a democracy. -Definitions, however, evolve over time and a more robust definition is now needed to situate media literacy in the context of its importance for the education of students in a 21st century media culture. (from: expanded definition:

So long definition… in a shorter way to say.. we need to eyes like RC.. It could be easy to believe what the news or media are saying without doubt. Hmm… democracy world can’t be achieved easily. Throughout histories… we knew that.

And I know that it is hard to find out whether it’s true or not because we don’t have full authorities to access the truth, right? What we can do is to look for infos on the web or books.. even we don’t have, we should try in order to make the media broadcast the truth not lies. Media produces contents, and we are watching with checking the fact!!


What I also respect is their own political attitudes, such as conservative, liberal, etc… All people can have the right to have their own political opinion.. But.. what I want you to do is not to close eyes even though the fact doesn’t fit your political opinions.. Opinion is cultivated from various infos and thoughts, isn’t it?

As global village citizens, we shouldn’t be stupid public unconditionally controlled by medias. Let’s make better world, peaceful world so that we live happily and inherit better world to our next generations. I am going to spread the news with peaceful contents to promote peace culture! If you find out the error of my articles, please let me know by commenting! let’s create win-win culture! By doing so, there wouldn’t be a false media any more which is spreading hatred, conflict, war cultures.



[Intro of peacemovement] Hands of Peace

Teens who are Jews, Muslims and Christians get together for peace.


The group Hands of Peace, based in Chicago, had a farewell celebration on July 29. They wanted the young minds to help overcome the divisive political history in the Middle East in a conflict that has been bubbling over for more than 70 years and bring ideas for peace.

Now in its fifth year, the Hands of Peace program brings together 46 Israeli, Palestinian and American teens for a summer leadership conference that centers on daily conversations and team-building exercises to break down the walls of hate, prejudice and misunderstanding.

Sunday’s celebration was the first time the participants had an opportunity to share their experiences with an audience, which was made up of several hundred donors, host families, volunteers, parents, alumni and community members.

With the help of skilled facilitators, the high schoolers spent their mornings involved in deep dialogues about their feuding nations. Their afternoons were spent doing activities like rope climbing, cultural exchanges in the kitchen and visiting churches, mosques and synagogues together. At night, they stay with their American host families.

Near the end of the program, all of the participants gathered on stage to sing songs of peace. As they sang and swayed together, each teen held up a piece of paper on which they wrote the one word that described their experience in Hands of Peace. The words, some written in Hebrew and Arabic, included: New, change, love, proud, friends, growth, empathy, acceptance, powerful and peace.

There was time for the kids to be kids but they also worked on learning, listening and growing as empathetic human beings. It’s the next generation deciding how to end a decades old war with their futures on the line.

The stakes for these teens are high. It could be dangerous back home for some of the Middle Eastern teens if word got back that they were engaged in peace-making activities with the “enemy.” To protect their privacy at Hands of Peace, most used only first names and could not be photographed. Most group activities and all of their often-heated group dialogues were off-limits to everyone but the teens and a few adult facilitators.


Sunday’s keynote speaker was Gretchen Grad, who founded Hands of Peace 15 years ago in Chicago. San Diego is the only other city where Hands of Peace takes place but she hopes to expand the program to other U.S. cities.

Grad said the participants learn to listen to other ideas and ultimately realize that behind their religions, ethnicities, nationalities and political beliefs they’re all alike and want the same thing: peace and prosperity for their families.

Second-year participant Marwan, a 17-year-old Christian Palestinian from the West Bank, said “Every day that passes someone will get killed and his family will have the same terrible feeling that I do.” And he said “We should put an end to the bloodshed because with peace comes freedom.”
*Hands of peace :

Program celebrates 15 years of bringing teens together for peace

[Declaration of World Peace] If You miss the 5th commemoration of the event, you can watch it!

Did you miss the great event for world peace? You can watch the full event, the 5th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace of Declaration of World Peace at the Youtube here!

If you didn’t know 525, you should mark the 25th of May on your calendar!

525, 25th of May is the day when the chairman of HWPL first delivered the Declaration of World Peace and many people walked for the World Peace in Seoul in 2013. The declaration isn’t just like other declarations for speaking out, but is sincerely for fulfilling the World Peace. And the peace works have been done a lot as he said he got the answer for achieving the World Peace. He said he wouldn’t start this peace work unless he had the solution.

So many peace activists have worked and received Nobel Peace prizes and the declarations for peace were delivered in various countries and groups for peace… but This Declaration of World Peace is totally different!

Let’s read the Declaration of the World Peace.. I attached the Image of the declaration from the HWPL website. & the Newsletter in slideshare site.

 Wow.. WordPress amazing function! You don’t need to click, move and read the article! just you can read the file here!! The Declaration is on the 2nd page of the newsletter. 🙂

As reading it, I realize I received amazing gift, “the life”, especially light, rain, and air provided unconditionally. And I really appreciate it and want to spread the truest teaching of heaven and peaceful mind to others. I wonder how you think about the declaration.


The declaration called for the four groups to do specific works for world peace.

First group: The heads of state of every country to sign an international agreement – a commitment to bring all wars to an end. (This international agreement is more specifically becoming “DPCW” which is declared on 14th of March, 2016. You can find out more about DPCW here: )

Second group: Youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by registering to the one and only International Peace Youth Group.

Third group: Everyone to work to further the cause of world peace and restoration, making it a reality in your direct environments.

Fourth group: Media to report responsibly and promote a message of peace to the world.

Which group are you fit in? For me, I am in the 4th group. So that’s why I am introducing this event and the declaration! I’ve read news about the wars and conflicts which are still happening now in various countries.. So many youth and children have been death because of conflicts. And somehow I felt powerless to stop wars and save children from the dangerous environment when I first faced the real world through volunteering. Now I am confident that I can do something for the world peace and the World peace will be achieved by the above four groups who do those things written in the declaration.

So please keep on eye on our site, and spread the peace article to your friends. I will bring the latest World Peace news to deliver the hope for our better future to you!








养生——一碗汤让手脚冰凉的人温暖 (5)



养生——一碗汤让手脚冰凉的人温暖 (3)


养生——一碗汤让手脚冰凉的人温暖 (4)



养生——一碗汤让手脚冰凉的人温暖 (2)


养生——一碗汤让手脚冰凉的人温暖 (1)

  1. 把红豆洗净,浸泡两个小时,红枣洗净去核;
  2. 锅中放入红枣、红豆,加入600毫升水,倒入红糖,待枣和红豆熟烂即可饮用。





为了世界的和平必须要实施新国际法 (5)


为了世界的和平必须要实施新国际法 (4)

为了世界的和平必须要实施新国际法 (2)


为了世界的和平必须要实施新国际法 (3)



为了世界的和平必须要实施新国际法 (1)




为人类做出贡献的李万熙manheelee (2)


为人类做出贡献的李万熙manheelee (3)


为人类做出贡献的李万熙manheelee (1)