The Seed of Peace

There is an old saying in Korea: “A word is like a seed”. Once this seed is planted it grows and bears fruit. If we plant the seeds of peace in people’s hearts and in the hearts of global citizens all around the world, this will bear fruit and emerge as peace. Let’s keep doing […]

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The Main Role of International Youths is writing “Peace Letters” to their International Leaders

From 2018 March 14th through September 18th, IPYG and HWPL hosted the “Peace Letters Campaign” in 35 locations across 7 major cities in the Republic of Korea such as Seoul and Paju.   Let’s write peace letters together to become peace makers! “Peace Letter Campaign” is mainly focused on advocating for the 10 articles 38 […]

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[Intro of peacemovement] Spreading world peace and cessation of war : 2018 HWPL Peace Summit

Soon after HWPL brought peace message to Africa on August, HWPL announced that ‘2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summit’ will be held in South Korea from the 17th to the 19th of September . This, the 4th anniversary of the summit, will run under the theme of “Collaboration for Peace […]