[Calligraphy] Peace Advocate!!

I made it by Photoshop, using Magic Wand tool and Gradient tool. 🙂 You can also make it!! Calligraphy~

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[Imagine, John Lennon / Song by Shakira]  Peace Dreamers are speaking “The world will be as One”

John Lennon sang a song for the world peace and love for all human being, Imagine. This is a Shakira version song in UN’s General Assembly 2015. She is working for Child education. In this reason, This singing is touching more meaningful in me. I love this part “Living Life in Peace.” I hope some […]

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Traditional Art of Maramures, Romania

Maramures, Romania I love the Egg Craft. It’s one of my wishlist to learn someday. All country has their own traditional Art. It’s unique and beautiful. Romania isn’t the only country famous for Egg Craft, but everybody can sure its unique quality. This intricate patterns were secret languages known only to residents of the regions […]