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HWPL-Peacewalk Event 525 in 2019

Hi I’ll tell you about the 25th of May Peacewalk Event every year. 🙂 The May 25th (525) Peacewalk is an event to celebrate the Declaration of Peace announced by the HWPL Peace organization that is an international peace NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC and the UN DGC. Since HWPL made the Declaration of […]

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Real Time “WARP of 1st Annual Commemoration” Video

Real Time “WARP of 1st Annual Commemoration” Video ♥ ♦ WARP of 1st Annual Commemoration ♦ ♥ Live coverage of 2015 WARP of 1st Commemoration ♥ ▶ ♥ * Real-Time <WARP of 1st Annual Commemoration> video Clikc image~! And you can watch Real-Time «WARP of 1st Annual Commemoration» video ♣ Broadcasting time ▶ South Korea […]