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[Intro of peacemovement] Spreading world peace and cessation of war : 2018 HWPL Peace Summit

Soon after HWPL brought peace message to Africa on August, HWPL announced that ‘2018 HWPL World Peace Summit: 4th Anniversary of the WARP Summit’ will be held in South Korea from the 17th to the 19th of September .


This, the 4th anniversary of the summit, will run under the theme of “Collaboration for Peace Development: Building a Peace Community through the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).”

During the 3 days of the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit 12 formal meetings and 3 informal meetings, for a total of 15 conferences, along with a press conference will be held.
The main agenda of these meetings will be the introduction of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to the United Nations (UN) as a binding resolution and the promotion of international cooperation among individuals from all levels and sectors of society for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula through the DPCW. In addition, plans will be discussed and established regarding how to draw support from current heads of state for the introduction of the DPCW as a UN resolution. DPCW was created by international law experts for building the peace world without the war.

Along with the discussions of the WARP Summit, the ambassadors also expressed their support for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.


“If there is an answer to peace, every family of the global village born in this era should become a messenger of peace. It is our responsibility to put an end to war and make sustainable peace a legacy for future generations.”, Chairman of HWPL, religious leader and peace advocate Man Hee Lee take as a message to the people.

Since the Declaration of World Peace was first proclaimed on May 25 2013, HWPL has worked on its international law initiative to draft an instrument for all States to adopt that ultimately promotes a culture of peace and ceases all wars. This Declaration not only encapsulates and supports all of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals but also serves as a foundation for future peace activities for its implementation at all levels of society.

人类期待的万国会议Warp Summit3周年活动


人类期待的万国会议WarpSummit3周年活动 (1)

万国会议Warp Summit3周年活动是将世界各界人士都聚集在韩国首尔讨论并宣传“终止战争和平宣言文”让更多的人士认识并了解宣言文的发展和执行。这样的大规模,参与的人数以及涉及的范围如此的广泛是为了将“终止战争和平宣言文”成为真正能解决并帮助到朝鲜半岛以及涉及到战争的问题。期待着9月18日万国会议3周年活动的到来…




万国会议3周年Warp Summit——和平peace是需要教育才能改变


万国会议3周年Warp Summit——和平peace是需要教育才可以改变


万国会议3周年Warp Summit——和平是需要教育才可以改变

只有播撒和平教育的理念,将和平文化通过教育来传播。天上文化世界和平光复HWPL把和平教育作为传播和平文化重要的方式,把和平教育引入各国各个学校,让各个阶段的学生们认识到和平peace的重要性。万国会议Warp Sunnit3周年纪念活动也会通过讨论和平教育的重要性,以及教育的主题和实施方式等进行多方面的内容将和平教育落实到行动中。是不是很期待未来的世界将是怎样的……












International Law for Peace, Are you ready?

International Law for Peace, Are you ready?

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 Chairman ManHeeLee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), Chairwoman NamHeeKim of IWPG (Internationl World Peace Group) and the Peace Delegation have dedicated their efforts to take world peace tours to urge the need of drafting and implementing an article in the international law for cessation of wars and world peace.

 During the tirps taken after WARP Summit 2014, they have continued to appeal to the world leaders to draft an article on convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and international armed conflicts. Most notably, Chairman Lee delivered a keynote speech on “The importance of a Peaceful Policy for the Unification of the Korean Peninsula’ at the co
nference commemorating the 25th anniversary for the fall of communism. He further addressed man_hee_lee_02the necessity of international collaboration to bring peaceful resolution to end armed conflicts at 2015 UN Peace Resolution.

 Continuing to creating the platform for all groups wanting peace, Chairman Lee reminded the participants the importance of drafting an article in the international law for peace at the 15th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (ICCJW) in Lucknow, India, Moreover, at the Inauguration ceremony of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) in Manila, Philippines, he emphasized the role of policy makers and law officials in establishing peace in their region and in the world. 


Having seen the sincerity in his powerful messages, many world leaders have become the members of HWPL’s Peace Ainternational_law_01dvisory Council, pledging to work for the proposal on convention on the cessation of wars and international armed conflicts to give their unsparing support in bring forth the permanent peace.

Chairman Lee and his delegation served as the bridge to connect among officials whose hearts for humanity and their pursuit of peace drive their actions for peace. The world is yet to see the results and performance of their greater collaborative efforts in seeking and implementing peaceful resolutions.


Bearing fruits of their endless efforts, at the 1st Annual Commemoration of international_law_02September 18th WARP Summit, HWPL aims to present the first draft of the convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and international armed conflicts, prepared by its Peace Advisory Council. Through presenting such convention, HWPL hopes to strengthen its awareness and discuss the way forward. The 1st annual commemorative event will make huge strides and bring the new wave of peace.


Crisis of Saudi-Iran, we need peace

Crisis of Saudi-Iran, we need peace


Do you hear the crisis between Saudi and Iran?

Saudi Arabia cut off diplomatic ties with Iran on Sunday after protesters ransacked and set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran over the execution of Shiite cleric Nimral-Nimr.

The reason of conflict is from religion. Islam Sunni-Shi’a.

The chance of conflict is death of Shi’a people of Saudi by Iran so that there are many conflict as revenge. finally, Saudi cut off the diplomatic ties only one day.

peace, war

According to report, many conflict come from difference of religion. why they have conflict? they learned to live good through their scripture but reality is different. it is our question of long standing.

As some people’s speech, I think we need to make one through comparison of scripture.

warp, crisis, religion, peace

In a sense, the World Alliance of Religious Peace Summit (WARP summit) hosted by HWPL(Heavenly culture, world peace, alliance of light) is meaningful.