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[peacequote] John F. Kennedy Peacequote

John F Kennedy peacequote

Mankind must put an end to WAR, or WAR will put an end to mankind.
-John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is the 35th president of the United States, born in 1917.. He was a veteran at the World War II..

I think this peace quote is truly from the person who go through the WAR…

horrible… wretched War indeed..

So No matter what the reason is, WAR shouldn’t be allowed!!

Oh.. this quote reminds me of DPCW.. I wanna introduce the Article 1 of DPCW


“Prohibition of the threat of use of force”

1. States should solemnly reaffirm that they refrain from the use of force in all circumstances, save where permitted by international law, and should condemn aggression as constituting an international crime.

2. States should refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of military force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations Charter or international law in general.

3. States should prohibit any act or threat of violence, whatever its motives or purposes, that occurs for the advancement of an individual or collective criminal agenda.

4. States should abstain from interference in the internal conflicts of other States.

Unbelievable conflicts were in South Pacific Islands

A lot of couples go to South Pacific island for honeymoon! The reason why the South Pacific island is so popular is because of the charming appearance of the peaceful and leisurely island. Did you know that the island also has a history of terrible conflict?

Solomon Island is located in the upper part of Australia next to Papua New Guinea Island. Solomon Islanders, who looked very peaceful, were unhappy because they thought that the nets laid by the people of Papua New Guinea were no longer catching fish.

papua new guinea_wiki

Discovered that Papua New Guinea had a lot of natural resources in the mid-1990s, however, many global mining companies became very interested in Papua New Guinea. And not only business, but also the nation noticed the islands. But at this time, Australia, located near Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea, became interested and checked.

Australia’s method of checking was to directly support the Solomon Islands. Australia used bad feelings between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islanders. Solomon Islanders bought weapons and began to arm themselves as warriors with the money they received, and the conflict between the two islands began to grow. The conflict is resolved now, but it shows that conflicts can build up and create complex conflicts in even quiet and peaceful islands.


In addition to these single examples, border conflicts, religious conflicts, and tribal conflicts are found all over the world. Strife, conflict, and war all come in different forms, but the beginning could begin with one tiny benefit. Our small or big actions could solve conflicts; such as having open-mind, understanding each other, writing a peace letter, supporting the Peace movements. All I want to ask you is keeping thinking about what I could do for our better future and trying to resolve conflicts!

【和平教育】 发出HWPL 和平萌芽

Peace Seed



HWPL 的李代表是韩国战争的参战勇士,以青年时期经验了战争的残酷,比谁都了解战争在任何理由下都得从这个地球村消失,真正把没有战争的和平世界留给后代,作为永远的遗产的信念和解答提示给我们。从2014年起,至今为止第29次寻访了100多个海外国家,亲自见到现、前任总统、政治界人士、UN关系人、法律界人士、国际关联专家、宗教指导者、各国舆论、市民团体、亲年团体长、女性团体长,说这个地球村所有人都成为和平使者,共同创造和平,和平终定能实现,跟上界人物,定下了地球村战争终止和平光复(DPCW) 10条38项,正给UN上交中。



第十条 传播和平文化


We are One !!!!!


The Main Role of International Youths is writing “Peace Letters” to their International Leaders

From 2018 March 14th through September 18th, IPYG and HWPL hosted the “Peace Letters Campaign” in 35 locations across 7 major cities in the Republic of Korea such as Seoul and Paju.




Let’s write peace letters together to become peace makers!

“Peace Letter Campaign” is mainly focused on advocating for the 10 articles 38 clauses of the DPCW, such as the peaceful resolution of conflicts, reduction of armed potentials, safeguarding freedom of religion and ethnicity, and spreading a culture of peace.

Now, around 150,000 peace letters were written and collected, and will be given to the President Moon of the Republic of Korea. These letters will make a huge voice of Korean youth to the leader.


2018 September 18th, a peace festival was held in Incheon to celebrate the 4th Commemoration of the DPCW. At the same time, North and South Korea Leaders met together for Peace Summit at Pyeongchang. The “2018 September 18th” will be remembered as the historical date to Korean Peninsula and all over the world.



Now, promoting the World Peace has become more important issue more than ever. North and South Korea met to discuss about peace, and two Koreas got the gold chance to get together. The start of Korean reunification will influence the world to establish the peaceful global. This is THE TIME for all young adults to get together. We, youth must become the PEACE MAKER.


The first step we can take together is writing peace letters to our country leaders. Let’s do it together to build the peaceful world together!

Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind.

Wars don’t have winners, only losers are left behind


Why would we wish for people to lose everything, including their families, in a war that has no winners, only losers?

This question made me think deeply about wars.

Of course, we learn history and know that most of the wars normally end with a country taking over the other one. However, if we zoom into every person who suffered from wars, we face deaths, broken families, glooms, and etc. Also wars force young people to give up their dream jobs, love, and even their lives. These cannot be replaced by anything in the world.

We always need to acknowledge that we can be one of the people. When we hear news about wars happening lately, we should be paying attention carefully and make efforts personally too. Making a voice by personal SNS can be one of the efforts.

Let’s be aware of wars, and work for peace together for our future generation.