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Is the Peace Theme of this Year’s Commemoration of UN?

Is the Peace theme of this year’s
Commemoration of United Nations?

UN SecretariatThe theme of this year’s commemoration of UN is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace.

PeaceOn 17 September 2015, over 1,000 staff gathered together in front of the iconic UN Secretariat building from multiple departments and offices, attired in white – the symbolic colour of peace, to deliver the unifying message: “What are you doing for peace? Que faites-vous pour la paix?”

Isn’t that great?

By the way,,,

There is a man, who declares that he has the substantial answer to world peace!

Guess, who is he?

Next time~.~

By royhomerun

How can we abolish war? I want to come true the World of Love, Peace and Freedom. We are living in a global village and everyone in the world is our friend.

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