The Wave of Peace

This is a great piece!!! (Peace)


As I read more and more about the peace activities, I ask myself, why this generation? Not that I view these peace activities negatively, but why couldn’t people become more aware of the demand for a peaceful world in the past generation? Of course, there were peace activities and like-minded groups, who devoted themselves to live a peaceful live by following certain codes. However, I do not think, the world has seen this much demand for peace. Maybe this is the climax for our history. Maybe, this is when everything becomes resolved and returns back to equilibrium. We have seen multiple number of conflicts since the beginning of the 21st century, which are far devastating than any other conflicts in our history. With the advanced technology and numerous amount of information and data, these dangers became a threat not only to the soldiers, Women & Youth conference in WARP summit hosted by HWPLbut also to the civilians. The days, where…

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By hwpl6chicago

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