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HWPL, Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light


The Heavenly Culture, World Peace,

Restoration of Light 

1st commemoration of WARPHWPL, 1st Annual commemoration of September 18th WARP, World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit

<“1st Commemoration of WARP” 2015>
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Live coverage of 2015 WARP 1st Commemoration Broadcasting time

18 September 10:00-12:30 AM South Korea, Time (GMT +9)
18 September 16:00-19:00 PM South Korea, Time (GMT +9)
19 September 09:00-12:00 AM South Korea, Time (GMT +9)


Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of LightThe Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (“HWPL”) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization with branches all around the world, operating out of Seoul, South Korea.

Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, a Korean war veteran and renowned peace advocate, founded the organization after his involvement with numerous volunteer associations, seeing the need for a group whose central focus is to unite the people of the world behind the goal of peace transcending the ethnic and religious labels, national and cultural boundaries.

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HWPL, WARP summit of 1st commemoration for Peace!

HWPL Members, who are we?

Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of LightWe work to unite all people and cultures and pave the way to a peaceful future for our world. We strive to do this through fostering a new culture of world peace – a heavenly culture that will respect and embrace the beautiful diversity of humanity.

Understanding that many of conflicts up to present days are directly or indirectly rooted in religions, we collaborate to hold World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office meetings all around the world, seeking to find peaceful solution to conflicts.

Through a peaceful coexistence we can repay those who have shed their blood in countless wars, and bring an end to the hundreds of wars that currently divide the nations of this world. Recognizing the absence of legal actions or laws that can bring wars to an end and make peace, we seek to amend an international law for renunciation of armed conflicts.

Together with the International Peace Youth Group (“IPYG”), International Women’s Peace Group (“IWPG”) and our numerous partner organizations, Peace Advisory Council and Publicity Ambassadors, HWPL will walk this path of growth and change as one.



By royhomerun

How can we abolish war? I want to come true the World of Love, Peace and Freedom. We are living in a global village and everyone in the world is our friend.

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