Stewardship: Taking care of our world

Few days ago, I came across an article on The title of the article was “23 Photos that show the alarming effect of overpopulation around the world”. The article, which included numbers of photos that would shock the readers, started with a quote of an environmental planning professor from Easter Washington University. The quote was about the risk that overpopulation would bring, but some photos that were used weren’t really relevant to the topic, overpopulation. Instead, looking at some of the pictures made me think of environmental problems and our conscience on stewardship. Ending all wars and achieving peace is one of the ways to practice stewardship. The war causes both death in mankind, but a steady death in the nature that we live in. If the nature dies, then our life becomes pointless,because we do not have a safe and clean shelter to live in. Although the background story may not be entirely correct, these pictures made me think about our responsibility as people who consider earth our home.
First-world technological waste in third-world countriesAccording to the article, this is a pile of first-world technologies left in the third-world countries. Although we may not be the direct cause of this action, we may be indirectly helping to throw these garbage that we once used in the past as we were ignorant. Also, the same thing might be happening even today. It is not fair for the third-world countries to be responsible for the trashes that we created. Again, we may not be direct cause of this, but we cannot let others to suffer for us to live a comfortable lives. In the long-run this would eventually return to us, when the amount of these trash increases to the point where we are not able to throw it in the plain of these countries, but in our backyard. Before this happen, we must make sure to find a solution, so that we may build a better world.

Largestexcavator eats away the earth to search for coal

According to the article, this is the world’s largest excavator that is digging the earth to look for coal. It is difficult to find a resource that could replace coal. However, this is something that would destroy and injure nature. Imagine the soil to be our flesh. Just as it would injure us, excavating using these sharp tool will injure the planet that we live in. This also applies for war. The reason why HWPL (Heavenly Cult ure, World Peace, Restoration of Light) and Chairman Man Hee Lee works to end all war is to allow our future generation to inherit a world of peace and a world without destruction. The work of Chairman Man Hee Lee with HWPL, IPYG, and IWPG is their special way of showing stewardship by advocating world peace. I completely agree that the end of war will save earth from utter destruction, and I also believe we must protect the environment.

This is a garbage landscape in Bangladesh. People may think that leaving trashes together will solve the problem. However, I think this would create a chain-reaction to other problems in the bigger picture. Solving a Garbage landscape in Bangladeshminor problem by throwing away and piling them together will solve nothing, if the ultimate problem is not solved. The root of these problems must be solved. And I think the root does not lie in distributing trash, but it lies within us, in our mentality. This is similar in terms of war and world peace. If we are able to change the mentality by accepting each other’s difference and characteristic and walk in the path of harmony, I believe world peace can be achieved more quickly. If people are more willing to partake in the responsibility of stewardship, then creating a better world will be easier. I think this is why listening to message about the vision from Chairman Man Hee Lee is important, because I believe one person’s heart is able to transform others. This is why when light meets light, there is victory.

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